Maintenance FAQ

Maintain Your Library’s Gold Star – FAQ
  • How often do I have to renew my Gold Star?
    • Beginning in 2020, all stars will expire one year from when they were awarded.  Once a star is awarded, a library will have one year to complete the process to maintain the star.  For example, if a library is awarded a Gold Star in March 2021, they will have until March 2022 to complete all actions for renewal. 
  • Can I use the same shared drive folder to submit materials or do I need to create a new one?
    • Libraries can choose to use the original folder they created when they began the program and create a subfolder with the name YEAR Renewal or they can choose to create a new folder for each year of renewal.  Either method will work, provided the materials for each renewal year are stored in their own, correctly labeled folder.
  • Why is it Maintaining Gold Star Status, and not another level such as Platinum or Titanium?
    • The maintenance process is meant to be a continuation of the original work done to achieve a Gold Star.  By completing these additional actions, libraries are demonstrating their continued commitment.  In the future, additional levels may be added for use on the system and district level.
  • What is the value in Maintaining a Gold Star?  Why not just say, “I was a 2018 PA Forward Gold Star Library “and be okay with that?
    • Maintaining the Gold Star will demonstrate to your community and shareholders that your library is committed to the Five Literacies of PA Forward, and to moving PA Forward by providing quality programs and resources to library users.
  • Do I have to complete different bonus actions each year, or can I use the same ones back to back?
    • Yes, you can use the same actions; just submit your documentation with the new information used for the new year.
  • How can I find another library to collaborate with?
    Two Bonus Actions (10Attend another library’s PA Forward Literacy-aligned program and 11-Find a library with no stars and work with them to create a PA Forward Literacy-aligned event in their community) call for work with another library. What’s the best way to do that?

    • There are a few options to help facilitate these interactions. Connect with libraries in your local area to discuss ways you can both be PA Forward Star Libraries. Check out each other’s events. Also, take a look at the Star Library website (
      Here, you will see a map with a listing of libraries enrolled in the program.
      You also have access to the PA Forward Commons (found on the Association’s
      website.) This searchable database has tools and information about the types of programs other libraries are hosting that connect with PA Forward’s five
      literacies. You may also find ideas of some libraries’ events you could attend.
  • What is the difference between earning a PA Forward Gold Star for the first time, and Maintaining the Gold Star?
    • Similar to the original Star Program, you will have to address each literacy throughout the year by completing a series of actions for each literacy.  There are three new Core Actions – actions which must be done annually, but not for each literacy individually.  Additionally, you will have to complete fewer Bonus Actions than in the original program – only two throughout the year.
  • Why are so many of the actions the same for maintaining as they are for earning the stars in the first place?
    • Many of the actions to maintain your Gold Star may feel like the previous actions you completed for each Silver Star.  They are designed to help give you a framework for providing and publicizing your PA Forward Literacy-Aligned programs and resources.