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PA Forward Star Library Program: Maintain Your Library’s Gold Star

Beginning in 2020, all PA Forward Stars will expire one year from the date of issue.  For Bronze and Silver Stars, libraries must earn the next star up from their current level in one year from when their existing star was earned.  To retain a Gold Star, libraries will be asked to complete a series of Maintenance Actions to document how they are continuing to use PA Forward to reinforce the value of the programs and services they provide to their communities.

As with the core program, the Maintenance actions fall into three categories:  Core, Literacy, and Bonus.  And as with the core program, libraries must complete all of the Core and Literacy Actions, and choose from among the Bonus Actions.

*Please be sure to check the Maintenance Actions pages / Maintenance Action Checklist periodically to make sure you have the most up-to-date version, as the Actions listed will change from time to time.*

How to Maintain Your Gold Star:

Libraries may begin submitting Maintenance Actions at any point following their star’s expiration, and have one year from that date to complete all of the required actions.  There are a total of 11 actions—some administrative, some program- and display-related—involved in the Maintenance process:

  • Core Actions: complete all 4 actions
  • Literacy Actions: complete 1 action for each literacy, for a total of 5 actions
  • Bonus Actions: select and complete 2 actions

Actions for specific literacies can be completed using a single program or using two or three different programs, depending on the library’s preference.

Documentation Submissions:

The completion of Maintenance Actions is a two-step process:  First upload your documentation files to your shared cloud-storage folder.  Then go to the PA Forward Star Library website,, and submit that you have completed this action.

Full instructions for each action, as well as examples, are located on the corresponding Action pages.

If for any reason you are unable to access the site, or have any questions, please contact the PA Library Association at or call 717-766-7663.