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We all know what it’s like to work in difficult financial times, and our fellow library staff are some of our best resources.  So we’re collaborating and sharing ideas to move PA forward.

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Browse the Commons to make heads or tails of the literacies and see how your ideas can inspire libraries of all sizes and let others spark your own creativity. Libraries all across Pennsylvania are using PA Forward’s five literacies – Basic, Information, Civic and Social, Health, and Financial – as a guiding framework for setting service priorities, identifying potential community and funding partners, structuring strategic plans, and building well-rounded, multi-skilled boards.  PA Forward doesn’t make more work for libraries.

It offers an effective way to position the literacy-focused programs, services, and information resources you already offer. There’s no need to create something new – although you might be inspired to emulate one of the great ideas you hear from other libraries.

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