PA Forward Gold Star Recertification

PA Forward Gold Star Recertification

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PA Forward Gold Star Library Recertification:



  • The library demonstrates its continuing commitment to the PA Forward initiative and continues to offer programs which cover each of the five core literacies.


  • The library must complete each of the 4 Core Recertification Actions
  • The library must complete each of the 15 Literacy Recertification Actions
  • The Library must complete 2 Bonus Recertification Actions.
  • Submit documentation for each action, when all actions completed, submit the action to claim star

To Claim Your Star:

  • In the submission area below, paste the link to your shared cloud-storage folder (created during Core Recertification Action 1).
  • Also in the submission area, please answer the following questions:
    • How has applying PA Forward’s framework to your library’s programs enhanced how the library connects with the community?
    • Given your efforts to become a PA Forward Star Library, what more can the Association do to support your work with PA Forward?
    • How has what you’ve learned through PA Forward improved the library’s services to the patrons served?

For help with submitting this Action and claiming your Star, check out our Submitting Stars Help Video or our Submitting Stars Help Sheet.

Once you click submit, your Star will be marked PENDING, awaiting verification by the PA Forward Star Program committee.  Submissions to the PA Forward Star Program will be reviewed at a minimum of three times each year, at which time if all your actions are verified as complete, your Star will be awarded.