Core Action 0

Core Action 0

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This action has five parts:



  1.  Create an account with the PA Forward Star Library Program–which you already have!
  2. Create an account for your library with a cloud-storage service such as GoogleDrive, DropBox,  Box or similar.
  3. In that account, create a folder entitled “PA Forward Star Library Program”, and generate a shareable link for that folder (typically by either right-clicking on the folder name or clicking on the menu associated with that folder)–this is where you will put your program images and document!
  4. In the submission box below, copy and paste that link–so that we can see all the work you’ve done!
  5. Lastly, and also in the submission box below, tell us how far you envision yourself going with the PA Forward Star Library Program–for example, are you just trying it out and hope to see how far you can get in a year, or are you planning on going for the Gold!

For help with completing this Action, check out our Core Action 0 Help Video or our Core Action Help Sheet.

When you have finished, click the submit button below the box, and you will have completed your first Core Action!

Once you click submit, this Action will be marked PENDING, awaiting verification by the PA Forward Star Program committee.  Once your submission has been recorded, the Core Action 0 image will be displayed in full color, showing that you have completed the Action.  But don’t worry, you can still move on to your next Action while you wait!